A professional business – a practical approach

In every sense, Faststores is all about maintaining an open and honest business relationship. The biggest shift is transparency. We make sure you know exactly what you want to know, when you ask about it. We also try to do our best to share everything in advance to help you understand not only what we are providing for your investment, but when we will be providing it and how. If you don’t want to know, then that’s fine too.

Whether it is about Search Engine Marketing, Podcasting, Web Design, Information Architecture, Web 2.0 or any of the myriad of topics online, we will always do our best to provide answers.

We don’t like to show off, confuse clients, talk in acronyms or hype our way into your business. We take a very practical approach to putting together a solution that will work in the short, medium and long term for your business.

Campbell Angus is the managing partner of the business. Described by many as open and honest, straight to the point, always telling it like it is, practical and very commercially sound, Campbell has helped many businesses achieve their goals online.

From micro and small businesses through to blue chip corporate, his 10 years of hands on experience in the internet industry means you are getting a real depth of experience, complete dedication to the job at hand, fast track focus on your business goals and access to a team of design and development specialists that deliver on time, every time.