Lif3 SmartChip Case Study

The mobile phone safety movement is spreading around the world and it’s being driven by some creative and determined pioneers right here in Australia. Lif3 Smartchip models are independently tested for their effectiveness in minimising radiation exposure by up to 95% with virtually no impact on the transmission signal.

Faststores is Lif3’s online partner, where we’ve worked very closely to deliver an online store that reflects the Lif3 brand, backed by our Faststores Formula for Online Stores that Sell and a wide range of features and options to drive sales of the smartchips.


  • Built on WordPress – a content management system (CMS) that powers 25% of all websites on the web, and is very user-friendly, so our clients find it much easier to update their site after we complete the migration.
  • WooCommerce – the best online store plugin for WordPress, and now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, powering over 39% of all online stores.
  • Responsive Design – more than 50% of traffic to the Lif3 group of sites comes from smartphones, so site design for the user always starts with mobile first. This ensures the site looks great regardless of how it’s being viewed.
  • Faststores Formula for Online Stores that Sell – over the years we’ve built deep experience and understanding in how to build online stores that sell. We call this the Faststores Formula for Online Stores that Sell and you can read all about it here. It’s the ‘DNA’ we build into all our online stores. Benefit from our ongoing experience with a diverse range of client sites.
  • Discounts – there’s a discount if you sign up for the newsletter, as well as volume discounts for purchasing in bulk, and discounts offered to affiliates and other groups. More on discounts at 14 Ways to Use Offers, Coupons, and Discounts to Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty.
  • Social Media – Lif3 knows the value of social media and building a strong brand with loyal followers that are willing to promote you to their own social network. The Lif3 sites were designed and built with social media front-and-centre.
  • Storefinder – don’t want to buy online? – quickly find a retailer using the storefinder, powered by Google Maps.
  • Xero integration – every sale captured online is ‘synced’ to Xero to keep accounting and inventory details up-to-the-minute.
  • Geo-redirect – With multiple sites for Australia, New Zealand and North America, we use geo-targeting to redirect visitors to the right version of the site for them.
  • Performance hosting – the lif3 smartchip is being promoted through a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes TV, radio, print and online marketing. With such a significant investment in marketing, it’s crucial that the site is always ‘up’ and that loads fast. Faststores ‘Blazing’ hosting ensures the visitor’s browser instantly to ensure the best user experience.

Contact us to discuss how Faststore can take your online store or website to the next level.

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