Rebrand: Fastdesign is now Faststores

When we started Fastdesign some seven years back, the focus of the business was building online stores for small business. Since then we’ve built hundreds of online stores and websites for small, medium and corporate businesses.

But our focus has always been online stores. And it still is.

So we’ve decided to rebrand the business to better align with what we do. As of today Fastdesign is now Faststores.

What does that mean for you? Not much really – it’s a marketing move to convey what we do in our name and brand… Fastdesign didn’t do that. We think Faststores does.

But something that you might find of interest is our Faststores Formula for Online Stores that Sell.

Over the years we’ve worked with many many clients and we’ve taken the experience and knowledge we’ve obtained and incorporated it into a ‘framework’ that we apply to all of our clients to ensure they have the highest probability of success when it comes to their online stores.

We’ve outlined the components of the Faststores Formula for Online Stores that Sell in a recent article, and I encourage you to have a read if you’re in any way responsible for an online store.



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